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C.d.g. Kyoto incense 50 ml

C.d.g. Kyoto incense 50 ml

C.d.g. Kyoto incense 50 ml

Kyoto incense

Eau de Toilette from the 3 series incense, Kyoto is one of the best known perfumes. It is inspired by more traditional Japan where incense is used in the Scinto and Buddhist practices, evoking moments of inner reflection but also of aggregation. The fragrance wants to evoke the imagination of a spiritual journey in Kyoto's temples in Japan, reporting its characteristic smells of cypresses and land.

  • Head notes: essence of incense, cypress.

  • Heart notes: resin of incense, coffee.

  • Basic notes: Teak wood, Veltiver, patchouli, amber, immortal flower, Virgini cedar wood.

50 ml unisex perfume.

Comme des garcons


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